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We can change the life of those who have no Hope

Prayas Foundation is a not-for profit organisation that has been working for more than a decade now towards making deep, large scale and institutionalised impact on the quality and equity of education in India,.

A large scale educational change requires significant and can only be achieved through working at multiple levels as well as on several areas simultaneously.

our Mission

Our aim is to admit up to 500 such parentless, abandoned and neglected children irrespective of their cast, creed or religious background.

Latest Projects

Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes are promoted for the purpose of providing opportunities to the rural youth for their skill up gradation leading to self-employment.


Prayas Foundation is a humanitarian organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty.


Basic sanitation and good hygiene are fundamental for a healthy, productive and dignified life. Yet, many of the world ' s poor rural people lack access to improved sanitation facilities.

Successful stories

Education is the basic need of the society. Prayas Foundation extends its helping hand to those who are deprived of the basic education in what ever way it is possible. We also initiate students of college/universities.Find here

About Us

Prayas Foundation is a non profit organization registered as a society under "The Societies Registration Act, 21, 1860.Prayas Foundation strive to create a healthy environment and development in rural areas & urban with different community organizing practices.Find here.